The Design Sprint

When I was at the Google Women Techmakers event, I participated in the design sprint that was conducted by Melinda Klayman, UX Program Manager. We were given a problem statement that we had to solve using the 5 Day Sprint method developed by Jake Knapp over at Google Ventures. I was completely unfamiliar with it before … [Read more…]

Moonshot thinking

I was at Google’s Women Techmakers event this Saturday and it was a somewhat productive way to spend my day. I did expect it to be better than it was, but as always, that’s a case of my own mismanaged expectations. There were several speakers at the event, some of them good and some not so … [Read more…]

Combining form, function and design

Soft Scale

I came across what I think is a stunning product – one that combines form, function, and design. It’s called a soft scale and what it does is deceptively simple. It converts an ordinary bathmat into a weight and BMI scale Fiber optic LEDs sewn into the mat display weight trends of the past two weeks … [Read more…]

Behavioural Design

Behavioural design process

I happened to read a really interesting paper on Behavioural Design and the impact it can have on development policies. In technology, decoding user behaviour is one of the most important components of the design process, however these tenets of product management are yet to be adopted effectively outside the tech industry. The implications of … [Read more…]

Words with Friends

I recently started playing Words with Friends on my phone and I quite like it apart from the pesky ads that show up after every single move. It was an interesting study for me though, so I dug a bit deeper and learnt about the gaming industry in the process. Every single number in there was … [Read more…]

The quagmire of A/B Testing

When I first started as a product manager, I didn’t know what an A/B test was. I read about it briefly and I thought “Okay, all you have to do is compare two versions of the same thing. No big deal”. It wasn’t until I actually implemented my first A/B test that I realized there were … [Read more…]

Mind games

You know what’s worse than mind games in relationships? Mind games in interviews… or as they’re more commonly known—puzzles. I had my first experience with them in college during on-campus recruiting. Instead of being quizzed on my engineering chops, I had to answer brainteasers about ants, triangles, and eggs. I was incredibly frustrated to say the least, because … [Read more…]

Technology – with meaning

A lot of people decide to get an MBA because they want to switch careers. I’m not one of them. When I graduated from college in 2013, I didn’t even know about the existence of product management. It was only after I started working at ZeMoSo (a product development startup) that I realized what it was … [Read more…]